Let the wave carry you

Say Aloha to Nalu

Lugging your board can be a drag. Say aloha to Nalu, the Stand Up Paddleboard carrier that makes transporting your SUP a breeze.


The Nalu carrier hooks safely around the rail of your board to create a more natural, functional handle for carrying your SUP. Nalu's unique design makes carrying your board effortless without the use of cumbersome straps or an expensive wheeled system.


The Nalu not only makes transporting your SUP easier, but is also an effective prop for keeping the board above the sand or other hard surfaces - keeping it clean and protected from damage.


Nalu is handmade on the Outer Banks of North Carolina by a SUP-loving father-daughter duo.  The carrier is made from high-quality galvanized metal pipe covered with thick exterior grade UV resistant foam to protect the rail of your board. 


No matter where your SUP adventure takes you, Nalu will be with you every step of the way.


Order your Nalu today and let the wave carry you.