Nalu was created by a father-daughter duo in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For several years Rob & Kate lugged heavy boards for their family-owned business, Outer Banks Stand Up Paddle® (OBXSUP®). The business required constant movement of boards for lessons, rentals, cleaning, repairs and storage. 


From their mutual love of the water and need for a better transport solution, Nalu was born


For SUP boards up to 17 feet in length, movement is extremely awkward and challenging - especially in windy conditions. Got a long walk to water? Ever needed to set your board down for a quick rest, but were worried about damaging your custom or carbon fiber board? Nalu founders found themselves wanting a more enjoyable pre/post-paddle experience and a simple yet effective way to protect their investment. 


The solution? Nalu.


Nalu's simple and effective design hooks safely around the rail of your board to create a more natural, functional handle for carrying your SUP.


Nalu means "wave" in Hawaiian,  and was created to embody the same sense of fluidity when transporting your SUP. A nod to their heritage, Hawaii was also the first place Rob ever SUPed and Kate learned to surf many years ago. 



Rob & Kate look forward to being part of your SUP adventures!


Order your Nalu today and let the wave carry you.